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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

New Podcast! Guardian Science Weekly with Ian Sample.

Now out! I had such a terrific time recording this (thanks Max! thanks Ian!).  According to Captain Podcast Max S, our long and discursive sound check (I think we got through most of the neolithic) was perhaps the most informative yet recorded, a badge of honour I am sure. Though presumably not actually included on the recording...

You can also listen along on any of the usual suspects: Itunes, Soundcloud, etc

I will also just mention that it was very surreal, the  experience of being totally isolated from outside media (ironically, because we were recording our own) while events in the outside world took a dramatic turn. I went into the studio to record the podcast  right as news started to filter through that 'something' had happened in Westminster; it wasn't until after the recording we realised that people had been killed so horribly. It is a tribute to this city, London, the one I call home, that I got all the way home on the tube without incident, without fear, without fail. And I stand absolutely by my pro-urban flag; lowered to half mast or no.

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