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So, I spent this week doing a lot of things. One of my favorites was freaking about my photoshopped proximity to lifetime hero author Neil ...

Monday, 30 May 2011

A thoughtful present for the long Bank Holiday weekend from diggingthedirt! We are invited to view and vote for the Top 10 funny archaeological videos. Well, it makes a nice break from cats, anyway...

A clear favorite emerges in the shape of the inimitable 'Don't Stop' video from the guy behind Tollan Films. Anies' Hassan's rather unoffical tribute to the lyricality of archaeological site workers combines the glory of excavating a medieval fort in Bahrain with a respectful hommage to what, in the 70s, was considered music to demonstrate the fundamental interconnectedness of things. An ting.

Simon Davis: Don't Stop!! from Anies Hassan on Vimeo.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

  Well it's been a while, and while nothing particularly fascinating has happened to keep me from posting... well. Nothing particularly fascinating happened for quite some time. However, I am now properly back in the archaeological trenches, merrily mattocking out slots in obscure ditches for a commercial company in London. Well, they've hired me to look at some dead folk, but I managed to get a few good days on site (and a truly awesome farmer tan).

In all this excitement, I have vaguely kept in the back of my mind that there are some very cool opportunities for archaeological engagement coming up. I'm pretty excited about #dayofarch, which is coming up as part of the Festival of British Archaeology on July 29th 2011. A merry crew will be offering snapshot glimpses into the lives of archaeologists via blogs and other social media--highly recommended!

I hope to see some folk (digitally) appearing. It should be good, you never know when you'll get a day like last Tuesday when President Obama's motorcade showed up outside site (ok, he was visiting the school next door. Whatever, I got to see him).

Why yes, it was awesome. And impressive that the Brits were out in the streets applauding a president of a country that more or less told them to go away very sternly some couple hundred years ago. Their prime minister certainly doesn't get that kind of love.

So, come check out the archaeological goodness at #dayofarch. If all else fails, you will learn whether I live through my new site diet regime.

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