First Review for Built on Bones!

So, I spent this week doing a lot of things. One of my favorites was freaking about my photoshopped proximity to lifetime hero author Neil ...

Monday, 29 May 2017

oh HELLO. Welcome to whatever time zone this is (and you will have to work it out on your own because I sure as heck don't know). Finally back from what feels like a very epic bi-coastal tour of the States. Essentially, I seem to plan my travel the same way I bowl -- I start off in the middle, then kinda scatter to either side, totally missing the pins in the middle. All apologies to the pins in the middle!

 But had a great time up and down the west coast, guerrilla signing books in independent bookstores, talking, driving, more talking, flying, again, with the talking... you get the idea.

One of the major amusements was getting the chance to do interviews while I sounded more or less American again (thanks Mom for the accent coaching). I was totally thrilled to be interviewed in Science Magazine's Books podcast, which you can find here.

I also got to do a fun, more long-form chat with Rachelle Saunders from Science for the People, which may be the most American I have sounded in something like 14 years. It was fun, explaining bioarchaeology in more or less the correct words, and you can listen along here too:
For now though, it is time to get ready for a summer of talks, festivals, and FINALLY some fieldwork. There's a widgety calendar thing in the sidebar that says where I'll be -- come say hi!

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archaeologist. dental anthropologist. yes, that's a real thing. Author of Built on Bones, available in February 2017 (UK), May 2017 (USA) from Bloomsbury.



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