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So, I spent this week doing a lot of things. One of my favorites was freaking about my photoshopped proximity to lifetime hero author Neil ...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

So, here are a few snaps taken from the European Society for Human Evolution's post-meeting outing to the caves and rock shelters of the Dordogne. I took the trip to the Upper Palaeolithic rock shelter site of Abri Pataud... it's right down the road from the charming Cro-Magnon hotel, and a few paces away from the impressive Musée National de Préhistoire.


The site is very impressive... level after level of rocks, rocks, and archaeology hidden amongst the rocks! I think I see now why I never wanted to dig a seriously early site--you have to be very exacting, I think. Just check out this set-up:


No doubt worth it when you find something like this lovely 'venus' carved into the rock:


The tour was followed by a drinks reception in the Museum, and the chance to wander around looking at the excellent collection of sharp pointy things and old dead things they have accumulated. Every so often, you come around a corner and see a pretty bit of shell bead or something and realise that it was made by human hands nearly 7 times as long ago as the pyramids, or 3 times as long ago since we invented farming. Prehistory requires a serious scale adjustment! 

My favorites though, are the people. Check out the interpretations of Turkana boy and this little Neanderthal fellow!

DSC_0103 DSC_0098
Many and profuse thanks to the organising committee of ESHE 2012, the crew from Abri Pataud, and the National Museum of Prehistory for the lovely tours.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So, here we have it: the epic Storify of collected tweets and retweets from #ESHE12. It was a great conference, looking forward to Vienna next year! Thanks everyone for following along, commenting, and generally being amusing during the longer lithics papers :)

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