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So, I spent this week doing a lot of things. One of my favorites was freaking about my photoshopped proximity to lifetime hero author Neil ...

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Q: Uh, you seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Why is that?

A:  I ran away to a Greek island, got a lot of writing done, worked with an honest-to-god group of superheroes volunteering to help the plight of refugees, spent two months in a basement in Turkey, got a lot of writing done, and, you know, stuff.

It's been some time, eh? Not that you would have noticed my absence -- my science rants have found a new home on the Cosmic Shambles Network, where not only can you see me sarking about the future of our species, but there are a ton of other great writers too. I've been doing talks and events too - Cheltenham Science Festival with Adam Rutherford, Pontus Skoglund, and Alice Roberts; Nine Lessons with Robin Ince and his gang of insane scientists, and more to come in 2019!

But EVEN MORE EXCITING -- I've got an agent!

 The amazing Ella Diamond Kahn is now saddled with the task of taking my writing out into the world, and coming back with money, an appropriate number of chickens, etc. Wherever the economy takes us. With Ella's help I'll hopefully be bringing you some new long-form musings in good time and of course working on my real goal: recreating the Algonquin round table, but with science writers in north London ;)

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P.s. if you want to feel like you've made a difference, please do consider donating either goods, time, or money to the islands and towns in Greece hit by the refugee crisis. There are a lot of organisations making a real difference in people's lives. Details about CESRT are here and on Facebook here.

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archaeologist. dental anthropologist. yes, that's a real thing. Author of Built on Bones, available in February 2017 (UK), May 2017 (USA) from Bloomsbury.



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