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So, I spent this week doing a lot of things. One of my favorites was freaking about my photoshopped proximity to lifetime hero author Neil ...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Five months, five countries, some fieldwork and a lot of talks. Living the dream, if the dream is to run out of clean socks.

So... I realise I haven't updated this, much less ranted, for some time. This is partially excused by the fact that I've been in France, Italy, the UK, Greece and Turkey for varying amounts of time over the last five months. But it's not like I wasn't WORKING. Jeez.

We had an epic field season on Kythera in August, which was a triumph of fieldwalking spirit over footwear-themed adversity. Also, Satch and I made matching hats in honour of our Antikytheran legacy.
Field hats in the Antikytheran style.

Gonna need longer gaiters.
Schematic of boot failure mechanics (Day 20).
September became a string of pretty fun book promo adventures, including the first ever Wales National Botanic Gardens Science Festival, New Scientist Live, and Ada Lovelace Day Live.  You can even hear some of my talk ( a combo of bones and TrowelBlazing, what a treat, right???) on the ALD Podcast from around 27:00.

I'm not tiny. It's just a really big desk.

All of which was AMAZING and also slightly exhausting, so I might go write in a corner for a while ;)

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