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Monday, 10 April 2017

In which I explore Meatspace Google (talk now online)

Not so long ago, I got a backstage tour of the magical world of google... meatspace google. It is arguably much prettier than real google, which doesn't have a large section of a London routemaster stuck awkwardly in a corridor. AFAIK.

Anyhow, it was very fun exploring what a global corporate empire might look like if it was allowed to wear whatever it wanted to school everyday (hint: there would be a Wall of Dogs). I also explored power posing, which was less successful. But the whole point was, of course, to talk to interesting people about interesting things, to which end I brought along an epic powerpoint and pretty much went through an entire undergrad course. In an hour.

Available now, if you wish to hear and see what that sounds like. Bonus if you make it through to the end, when i get asked my favorite (off camera) / least favorite (on camera) question about whether I think civilisation is going the way of the buffalo.

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