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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Some #MuseumMemories for #MuseumWeek - Decommissioning Medusa

As it's #MuseumWeek in the world defined by the extent of hashtags this week, I thought I could follow up on @HenryRothwell's suggestion that I, ahem, explain myself. Or rather, I explain this photo:

I've managed to bring home my very own permanent installation, formerly a statue in the Natural History Museum Earth Gallery. It used to live amongst its fellows, God/Babbage, Atlas, Spaceman, Cyclops, and another one I've forgotten. Poseidon maybe.

I'm not saying it was easy. The statue clocked in at 2.65 meters, which necessitated a large van-

And several brave folk to lift it (this is why it comes in handy to know a lot of archaeologists. They don't shirk manual labour!)

But with a few hacksaw-and-hammer based modifications, we managed it. And while the exhibition space may be changing, at least I will always have a permanent and terrifying memory of my life at the museum :)

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