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Saturday, 18 May 2013

may i introduce... some awesome #trowelblazing women?

Good morning. Possibly, good afternoon. This post is actually not so much a me-post as it is a meme-post; I'd like to introduce you to the collective amazingness that is the new .

What's that? A midlands plastering company?

No! It's ladies. Ladies with trowels. Or, possibly, ladies directing workmen with trowels.

source: Illustration by John Kenney, from L. du Garde Peach (1961). Stone Age Man In Britain. A Ladybird Book. Wills & Hepworth Ltd., Loughborough. Reproduced from website.

It's a celebration, brief, chipper and ever-so-slightly irreverent, of some of the pioneering women in the trowel-wielding fields: palaeontology, geology, and of course, archaeology. This is a labour of love by a dedicated team ( you'll know them as @toriherridge @lemoustier and @suzie_birch - me you had better have figured out already) who are compiling a fantastic tumblr of some of the forgotten female heroes of our respective disciplines.

Anyhow, it's a lot of fun. We tweet as @trowelblazers , so follow along for updates as we add to our list of should-have-been-stars. Guest posts are not only allowed, they are encouraged -- check out our submission guides if you're interested in writing on a personal hero. Always open to suggestions, so tweet us, email us, whatever -- just get involved, and help us remind the world (and the internet in particular) that just because you think 'Indy' doesn't mean there wasn't a Dorothea. Or a Kathleen. Or any of our other iconic #trowelblazing women.

P.s. I'll be cross-posting my contributions to the tumblr here...

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