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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blogging Archaeology: the reckoning

Well, it's been a long strange trip... Middle Savagery is shoehorning the genie back into the bottle and prepping her paper for the SAAs, and all of us Archaeo-Bloggers who crawled out of the woodwork (see her summaries, or check out the list at right) are going to have to find a new way of interacting. Speaking of which, I totally skipped Week 3's question, which asked what we all want in terms of interactivity. I skipped it because I couldn't think of anything to say: I'm recently gloriously redundant, graduated, and without an excavation permit, so the raison d'ĂȘtre for this exercise has morphed into more of a shout in the dark than a focused outreach effort. I will say that this whole carnival has made me a lot more proactive about reading other people's material and has probably broadened my awareness of the archaeo world in a good way; it has definitely thrown up some cool visualisations of how I (and the fellow travelers) have linked together to put on this dog and pony show. Thanks to Electric Archaeology for this very cool Gephi-gram of our interaction:

So, anyway, MS has one more question:
How could we best capture the interplay, the multimedia experience of blogging as a more formalized publication? What would be the best outcome for this collection of insights from archaeological bloggers?
Formal publication, huh? Formal means static, so I suppose video along the lines of my favorite ever stats video is out.

All this interaction has thrown up some common responses, though. Surely it's not totally beyond the bounds of possibility to offer text summaries alongside some visual mapping of the responses? I mean, it's beyond me, but surely it's not beyond MS :)

As for my own idea of the best possible outcome from all this--well, it's already more or less happened. I found other interesting sources of info, some people hopefully found me, and I massacred some of my oppressive free time. There's only one thing that could make it better...

yeah. exactly. et fin.

see you, space cowboys!

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