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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Giza at 6am --it's colder than it looks

I've just come across this wonderful little video from the ever-optic-enabled Mr. Quinlan.  It brought back a whole host of memories from the couple seasons I spent on the Giza Plateau Mapping Project.

Morning Commute from JasonQ on Vimeo.

 The journey up to the  finds store on the Giza plateau itself has to rank as one of the most iconic morning commutes. Ibrahim, the homicidal taxi driver, used to pick us up in the strange little neighbourhood across the concrete river of death that is al Matar road and take us up the hill to the plateau every day around 6 am. The big construction pit you see in the first minute was a smaller construction pit in my day, but not much has changed. Men in galabeyahs still attempt ritual suicide by crossing the road, the guards at the gate still wave imperiously, and the pyramids, of course, are still there.

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